• 11:24 RT Touch, Don’t just look! @nationaltrust are tearing down the “do not touch” signs with glee at some of our properties bit.ly/97RkSd #
  • 12:37 is watching a large crane being manoevered into place outside my office window #
  • 12:39 is assuming that there’s still a bit of the crane to be delivered. Doesn’t look very crane like yet. The orange flashy light is nice though #
  • 12:40 would like to clarify that the by *nice*, I mean, irritating to the point of messing with my head… 🙁 #
  • 14:23 RT So, so true! @luisaplaja Dear Writing Day, How can you be nearly over already? Where’
    d you slip off to? Come back here, I’m not finished #

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