After a bit of a slow start, I had a productive morning. Mind you, whilst it was productive, it was far from the dream of encasing oneself in a room of book and submerging into a sea of newly written words. In other words, I procrastinated. It was productive procrastination though. I set about processing the washing through the machine, I oiled the new shelf in the spare room again, and I set to sorting out the garage. By lunchtime, I had the shelves back on the wall, and the cabinet of lead in position against the wall and had had filtered out some obvious junk into the dustbin. It came onto rain then though, and so I had to hastily pile up the boxes marked to sort back into the garage, but even so its much improved from what it was even before the catatrophic events of last week.

Over lunch I watched last week’s BBC4 documentary In Search of the Perfect Loaf and then set about writing. Inspiration came relatively easily and I’ve written a good four pages into chapter twelve, and I am getting closer to Louis asking Kathryn out on a date. But the question still remains, what will happen when he does this? What kind of hold does Miss Leroy have over his life…?