I’ve had a nice, relaxing weekend with Emma down with my mum and dad in the New Forest, involving activities as relaxed as walking round Exbury Gardens, and as energetic as chasing nine New Forest ponies around and out of a neighbour’s garden. Consequently, not so much writing was done this weekend.

We got back mid-afternoon to be greeted (thankfully) by all 6 cats, present and correct, but a total of 12 hungry mouths to feed (instantly!) – that’s the 6 cats + 4 chickens + 2 bunnies (not counting the sligtly less demanding 2 fish…). After a bit of unpacking and relaxing we set about cleaning out the fishies, and then planted the spuds and the carrots and Emma did some more seed sowing whilst I make a simple if delicious meal of scrambled eggs on toast with freshly made bread and freshly laid eggs. 🙂

We saw Cambridge make it the double with the boatrace by beating Oxford in the final of University Challenge, and then I submitted The End of All Worlds off to another agent (the same one that handles the likes of Philip Pullman and Helen Dunmore). Well, when you’ve got a novel that’s set in Iceland at a time of volcanic activity, geological uncertainty and jökulhlaups I find it important to submit it for publication at a time when Iceland is going through a period of volcanic activity, geological uncertainty with the threat of jökulhlaups…

Wish it well for me!