To be fair I never actually got round to sitting down to write today. Starting off the day, I headed out on a nice drive through the Oxfordshire countryside, going through Ayhno and Adderbury in search of hard wax oil, and then cross-country to Brackley to stock up on a bit of shopping. From there I headed over to Wyvale to take them up for 4 bags for £12 on multipurpose compost and a couple of rolls of turf and some grass seed. Have you any idea how heavy the trolley was with all that on it, and how difficult it was to stear round the shop and car park?!!

I got home and unpacked and was about to have a late lunch when Emma arrived home after a half day, tired and weary and suffering a bit from her depression. So whilst she had a sleep I set about my sunny springtime jobs of oiling the door to the garage, laying the new turf in the bunny run, putting in the log edging to the shady garden a the end and preparing the lawn and sowing a top up mixture of rye grass.

This evening I am very, very tired, but in a productive, nice way similar to that feeling that I get on conservation holidays. I have enjoyed a nice spaghetti carbonara, watched the excellent Delicious Miss Dahl, and the weirdly fantastic Heston’s Feasts, and subbed my novel, The End of All Worlds to two more agents, after yesterday’s one gave a swift ‘No’ today to yesterday’s submission.