• 19:28 noticed that Ocado sell ‘Green Celery’. I wasn’t aware that celery came in any colours other than green… #
  • 21:02 is Ian Lamb. What is your Labour name? (Grandparent’s first name plus favourite food as a child.) #ge2010 #
  • 21:04 Is it me, or is Gordon ignoring Nick tonight? He keeps on attacking David and sidelining Nick.. #LeadersDebate #
  • 21:10 wants to know why Gordon continuing to ignore Nick. Has he forgotten his name? #LeadersDebate #
  • 21:38 : over an hour in, and Cameron has learnt how to name check questioners? #LeadersDebate #
  • 22:11 thinks that We as a nation should surprise everyone and install neither a red nor a blue prime minister next Friday. Are You up for that? #

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