• 14:13 is participating in my first ever web conference. Must remember not to do something I shouldn’t… #
  • 19:41 is hoping that the LibDems will temper the wilder urges of a Tory government. Here’s to getting rid of the Tories as soon as… #
  • 20:59 wonders what happens to Dimbles after this is over. Do we pack him up carefully in a box & get him out again next time we have an election? #
  • 21:10 RT @marcusbrig What are the odds that Brown left raw prawns hidden in the curtain rails? Or a big Scottish grudge dump in the downstairs can #
  • 21:41 : surely the LibDems won’t let George Osborne be Chancellor? If he is, then the
    countries stuffed! #ukelection #ge2010 #

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