• 12:49 now understands why it is they invented a machine for making butter… #
  • 13:29 wonders what the correct reaction should be when your wife starts taping half a litre of cream to a fan…?! #
  • 13:45 : the fan idea didn’t work. She’s trying a bicycle now. It makes for an entertaining holiday though… #
  • 13:52 You have received a new message twitpic.com/1ov2yv #
  • 18:01 considers that Diana Wynne Jones is at her best when telling stories set precisely in the fissure between this world and the next. #Deep … #
  • 19:04 likes it when in the space of a few short hours you go from only having just started a book to a quarter way through it… #reading #
  • 19:06 …and are not wanting to stop reading it. #reading #
  • 20:39 has had a nice, quiet day in a very beautiful and comforting garden, reading and writing. Who needs to go away for the perfect holiday? #

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