• 18:03 has had a very nice strolling round Upton House gardens and has a blooming great Broom to show for it. Time to relax now in the garden… #
  • 18:24 wonders whether @janerawson would permit me in having things happen to #MrTumnal at a sort of St Giles Fair in Wren Hoe. I promise no va … #
  • 19:37 finds it very enjoyable to be sitting out in the garden drinking sherry, eating nuts, and creating stories… #LazySummerEvenings #
  • 20:30 has realised that Dr Amanda Jones (she uses her maiden name professionally) has started working at University Press last week. She’s all … #
  • 20:33 …also that Kathryn shares a 2-up, 2-dow
    n terrace in Juxan Street. #MrTumnal (with apologies to @janerawson) #

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