• 10:45 considers the irony that the weather dipped at the end of last week and only improved yesterday. Here’s to many more sunny days! #
  • 19:41 RT New balls please! @bbc_springwatch Harvest mice in Leicester get tennis ball homes – very dinky! bit.ly/dvVgfZ #
  • 19:45 It’s a hard life, isn’t it? (@ianshepherd)yfrog.com/7fuzkaj #
  • 19:47 Its the flower pot hat on under the headphones that sets the pic off perfectely! #rediculousbrother (@ianshepherd)yfrog.com/7fuzkaj #
  • 20:57 appears to be experiencing a localised ra
    instorm. Either that or Emma has decided to water the patio (and door)… #
  • 21:25 wonders whether Kate is feigning the interest in poo from geek @ChrisGPackham? (@bbc_springwatch) #springwatch #

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