• 09:32 : badger cull is tragic sop to a beleaguered rural comm & defies all we have learned about science of the issue: oppose it (@ChrisGPackham) #
  • 11:39 has just listened to @jamiecullum’s new album, The Pursuit. It’s all good. 🙂 #
  • 12:04 would like you to rediscover old, and discover new, music. Take a chance on @ChrisGPackham’s Spring playlist: bit.ly/aMpftX #
  • 19:11 writes about where making progress brings unexpected rewards… shepline.livejournal.com/759114.html #writing #MrTumnal #progress #
  • 21:33 wonders if a future c
    ompanion of the Doctor will go back in time to Thomas Shepherd’s house and go, ‘Wow!’? #DoctorWho #

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