• 23:03 is confused that feeding the seagulls in Aldeburgh has a max fine of £2500, whilst driving along the sea wall at Lowestoft is only £50?! #
  • 16:40 thinks that its very nice of them to have a football game this afternoon. It’s keeping the roads nice and clear… (so far at least!) #
  • 20:44 has seen in Suffolk this week 2 Little Owls, Hobby, Marsh Harriers, Lapwings, Avocets, Plovers, Curlews, Teal, Little Grebe (@EmmaEShepherd) #
  • 21:06 thinks he wants Mahut to win… (not that I know either of them from adam…) #
  • 21:07 : Ace at Match Point, 58/59…? I think we might be here for sometime… #
  • 21:19 now has 1,285 books in my library… 🙂 #

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