I’ve had a very nice evening, helping to celebrate Claire and Neil’s wedding. We arrived in Abingdon about 7 o’clock for the evening part of the reception and Claire, looking beautiful in her wedding dress, leapt up to greet us when we stepped out onto the terrace with our drinks. A little later we were joined by my fellow ‘upper-wind’ players Rachel and Lucy and we had a very nice evening chatting and eating a very fine barbeque dinner, and one of the best cakes I think I’ve tasted.

Claire and Neil's wedding

Whilst Emma and I sat and admired the grounds, beautifully set just on the banks of the Thames, I found myself getting ideas for Mr Tumnal’s story. It makes perfect sense for their to be a scene, sometime after Kathryn and Louis split up, for Louis to be attend a wedding – here I’m thinking it should be Tom and Polly’s wedding – and for Louis to be sat on a bench in the grounds talking with his partner, Amanda. Across the lawn meanwhile his friends see Louis sat on the bench apparently talking to himself. How the lives unfold, nice… 🙂