Back in the hayday of this journal I would be writing proper journal entries almost daily, sometimes more often, and I had a small but active following and steady set of comment discussions aobut this and that. That was then. It is plain to see, looking back over the recent archive that doesn’t happen now. So what changed?

Most obviously, my life changed. With meeting I suddenly found I had less time for writing about my thoughts, and my day and my life. I was also talking about it with her, at length, daily, and thus didn’t feel like writing about it all over again. So for the last three years there have been, regretfully, great swathes of time when things haven’t been written about.

Thankfully, my participation in the beast they call Facebook came along at about the same time, and through regular traulings of my status updates I was able to write up entries and post them retrospectively. Once up to date, I would tend to keep more up to date with things for a while but would then drift again, usually at weekends, and another swathe of gaps would open up to be backfilled in another few months.

Then came the phenonemon that is Twitter. This gave me the advantage that I could a) update my Facebook status from a small and inconspicuous addon to Firefox and the Twitter app in Facebook, and b) batch update my journal at 11pm every night viar the LoudTwitter service. This has meant that everything I write in either a twitter or facebook post gets recorded in the pages of my journal. In turn, this has meant that I no longer have great swathes of emptiness in my journal. It also means that what my journal has become is filled with tasty tidbits of information in 140 characters or less…

I want to write more again, like I used to. I want to record my thoughts, my feelings, my work, my life, and of course my writing in my journal as proper entries that get people thinking about them and talking about them. I’m not going to stop the batch updating from my Twitter musings because the archivist in me likes that the ephemeral gets to be permently recorded somewhere, but I would like these thoughts in 150 characters or less to be supplemental to the main content, rather than being the main content!

What do you think? What do you like, or what do you miss about these pages?