Amazon Kindle: Thomas Shepherd shared from Twilight
I decided as long as I was going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly.

I’ve never really been that enthusiastic to read the Twilight, but it has been a phenonemal success, and I do find its presense in the bookshops intriguing. Whether or not I would ever have bought a book, and I’m only really reading it now because it amounted to about $5 as an eBook on Amazon – and mainly because I wanted to give it a proper try try out reading it on my Kindle!

20% through it, and I wouldn’t say it was terrible. It hasn’t gripped me totally yet though – I was expecting more vampires by now. I’m only sticking with it because I know there are vampires to come but there hasn’t been anything to signify much out of the ordinary yet – just a so-so written American High School drama.

As for reading it on a Kindle? …I’m loving it! It’s obviously not the same as a ‘real’ book and it can never replace a real book for me, but its very comfortable to read. It also saves your position for you when you fall asleep in front of it at night.