• 11:55:34: has received this week’s @grazedotcom box and its full of scrumptious yumminess! http://graze.com #grazewhilstyouwork
  • 13:50:35: Get a free box from www.graze.com with this code: RVBVNP5T – healthy snacks delivered to your desk
  • 14:10:55: wonders how could you not love an effigy of yourself being carried aloft? http://isparade.jp/ /via @Brucey1
  • 14:31:26: repeats a line we stole off someone: “Statistically six out of seven dwarfs are not happy” via @106jackfm
  • 14:38:32: : time lapse footage of London’s Olympic stadium being built http://bit.ly/9EmOOg >> What they’re missing is a… http://bit.ly/ciy2xQ
  • 23:15:39: has traced the Male’s back to 1792. Dear old’ Henry and Harriet.. #genealogy

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