• 10:11:02: wonders whether any of my publishing friends can recommend a good copy-editor who does fiction? #editing #copyediting
  • 11:41:20: writes about Diana Wynne Jones and why she is an author to recommend to anyone who likes a good story, well told.. http://bit.ly/9MyKRk #DWJ
  • 12:29:27: : a man from Devon who climbed a tree to save a cat ended up having to be rescued after he became stuck… http://bit.ly/cLI5K7
  • 14:59:41: : The blog of Dr John. H. Watson: My what? I’m sorry, obviously I did’t realise I was a character in a children’s story http://bit.ly/bHltSW
  • 15:29:25: writes about an encouraging step forward (possibly) towards a carbon free future… http://bit.ly/cBFkEe #hydrogenfuelfuture #environment
  • 19:52:03: writes about how one book inspires another… http://shepline.livejournal.com/774888.html #DWJ #DWJWeek
  • 22:16:11: loves that we’ve got a whole family of baby hedgehogs who come visiting us every night! 🙂 http://bit.ly/cslteY
  • 22:46:55: is slightly disturbed to find out that my wife thinks that any school friends I mention once having are actually figments of my imagination!
  • 22:48:33: asks all Kirkley High alumni to raise their hands and say aye if they remember Simon Avery and David Early…

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