• 11:02:09: : Aspies who can! A new global movement – join us! http://bit.ly/a8nNwu via @billgoodyear #aspergers #autism
  • 11:40:16: : 4yrs on and I still here ‘I don’t need suppmat’ when I hear Sandi Thom’s ‘Superman’. Every Production Editor would agree…
  • 11:44:31: is thinking that wasabi peas are actually alright… (@grazedotcom)
  • 12:08:34: RT Brilliant! @SimonsCat NEW VIDEO! Simon’s Cat in ‘The Box’. http://bit.ly/9TcFb3
  • 15:12:20: has solved my #firefox crashing problem by installing firefox 4 beta. Pretty nifty tho’ sadly no firebug addon yet… 🙁
  • 15:27:30: RT @nationaltrust: Survey says volunteering makes 7% of people feel sexy http://bit.ly/cIXfmJ Sex up yr life by volunteering with us ht …

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