• 15:26:15: Of course they do. That does not mean they should Dear BBC, for the love of God ignore this poll http://bbc.in/bTL7TT (@janerawson @Glinner)
  • 15:26:56: “There is, indeed, no single quality of the cat that man could not emulate to his advantage.” – Carl Van Vechten via @drjungle
  • 16:03:35: : nice to see Oxford getting some foodie recognition in @guardianfood http://bit.ly/9gdIBH (via @Brucey1)
  • 16:05:45: RT @creationtheatre: What Wonderful Weather! Why not treat yourself by going to see Romeo & Juliet this bank holiday weekend.
  • 16:28:37: is watching a building being slowly eaten… http://t.co/QlJUbtR
  • 18:49:31: has oiled the worktops, cleaned the b/throoms, cut the grass, bought veg, posted letters, and built a website. Progress IS. 🙂

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