• 15:09:00: is sitting in the garden with my pen and my novel, the sun is shining; its the last day of the summer holidays…
  • 15:45:05: is concocting arguments over photographic differences for Louis and Kathryn to wrestle over in the studio #writing #MrTumnal
  • 16:16:22: has realised that ‘plink-plonk’ music is not just in modern classical, but is electronic too. Why can’t they shut the **** up over there?
  • 16:52:04: is making up for lost time. The words are flowing… #writing #progress #MrTumnal
  • 17:11:04: : so many words; all coming out… #writing #progress #MrTumnal
  • 17:11:39: RT @Markgatiss: Watched an excellent outdoor Romeo & Juliet in Oxford last night, courtesy of #creationtheatre. Star-crossed under the r …
  • 21:14:34: : its not being a hoarder; its being an archivist.

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