• 08:59:06: finds it a distressing thought that the majority of freshers wandering around outside my office weren’t even born when I first went to uni!
  • 11:23:45: would love to see bottle deposits make a comeback, but can they, unless we start standardising on design again? http://bit.ly/ckvMjY #reuse
  • 11:23:59: RT @r4today: “If the Lib Dems had not gone into coalition the consequences for the party would have been worse” – Lord Ashdown http://bb …
  • 12:29:04: has just seen crazy T-shirt man who caused interference on the cam from the Open Day vid. Late applicant I guess… http://bit.ly/b4u9zq
  • 13:55:29: considers the tenses. First person or third person POV? What’s your tipple? http://cot.ag/9lSu7q via @Litopia
  • 14:28:22: always knew that Google was a powerful beast. Didn’t realise they had the power to destroy whole towns… http://twitpic.com/2qb4rq
  • 15:55:46: …and the vibrations start. Through the floor, the walls, the window, my desk… #workinginabuildingsite
  • 18:47:00: RT @ndw: RT @timbray Romulan warbird decloaking: http://abstrusegoose.com/303
  • 20:54:54: : It was a joke! The Paul Chambers Story. It’s no joke… http://gu.com/p/2jncg/tw via @JeremyJHardy

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