• 09:10:01: wonders whether I would be considered weird to find this wild and wet weather inspiring, and inspiring for creativity? #inspirationalweather
  • 09:22:40: : It’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes: and leap!
  • 10:41:07: would just like to say that I love autumn. Its the quality of light; the turning leaves; the conkers; the foraging for nuts and berries…
  • 11:40:25: wonders whether @ChrisGPackham will be doing an autumn playlist for @bbc_autumnwatch?
  • 14:45:44: RT @ChrisGPackham: People who worry about birds ‘attacking their children’ should spent a few weeks living with Lions .
  • 14:50:04: realises that I have tweeted past the 2000 mark. To celebrate this momentous occasion watch again the funky caterpillar http://bit.ly/9kHjAH
  • 15:20:10: Islip: birthplace of a king and saint… http://www.oxfordtimes.co.uk/3123857/8421503
  • 21:57:14: has noticed that my entire twitter feed tonight is full of strictly talk… (well, with 2 geeky exceptions) #SCD

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