• 09:10:25: asks if the cuts fair? http://bit.ly/a1T9UD via @krishgm #spendingreview
  • 13:42:10: : Cameron and Osborne will be remembered as the Scrooge and Marley of our age via @Kevin_McCloud
  • 13:50:32: : sobering and depressing… @RealDMitchell I don’t think many people read the Independent so you may have missed this http://ind.pn/djYJpC
  • 14:02:13: is looking forward to the new BBC Shakespeare season production of ‘One Gentleman of Verona’ #bbccuts
  • 14:03:39: …or indeed ‘First Night’ #bbccuts
  • 14:04:15: : did anyone catch last night’s episode of The Archer? #bbccuts
  • 14:09:11: wonders whether Tweeledee and Tweedledum actually enjoyed themselves yesterday? Do they feel like they’ve done good? #spendingreview

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