• 14:49:02: Stop the UK from snooping on all our email and Facebook messages http://bit.ly/stopthesnooping #IMP #privacy #bigbrother
  • 18:21:53: : if this is true, then this is absolutely terrible! They can’t be allowed to get away with it! http://ind.pn/cQzJ8Q
  • 19:43:08: wonders how King Uther can disapprove of gambling. In a few hundred years time Camelot runs the national lottery…?!? #merlin
  • 20:05:17: There probably are too many students and unis (remember those polys anyone?) but all subjects have their own value http://bbc.in/c1OQyU
  • 21:31:08: is getting to grips with @BlurbBooks inDesign templates. Honeymoon album here I come…

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