I’ve been feeling a bit left out. It does seem that I live in just about the only county in Britain that isn’t currently affected by snow. There’s snow to the north of me, snow to the south of me, snow to the east of me, and snow… Okay, yes, we have a sprinkling of the white here and there but nothing more than an icing sugar dusting of white.

I realise that for many they would rather see the back of the snow and I shouldn’t complain but its so darn beautiful. It also seems to bring out the best in people as they find ways to muddle through their lives and carry on as normal. That said, why on earth should we find ways to carry on as normal. I wish that more people would look honestly at the situation (probably somewhere midway between ‘don’t travel unless you really need to’ and ‘the actual weather in your area’) and make decisions about whether they need to travel. Certainly anyone who can work from home should be allowed and encouraged to, and given the facility to do so where necessary so that the only people on the roads are those who absolutely have no other choice.

And if, after all of this we lose x-number of snow days? Well, so be it. Truth is, in our country, currently and historically we don’t get long periods of severe weather in the winter so it would be ridiculous to resource the infrastructure to cope with this. Of course, if this is a fundamental shift of our environment and it becomes something that lasts for a month or more then yes, the infrastructure needs to change to allow for our lives to continue as they do in other countries. Until then, lets just enjoy the beauty and the wonder in these scenes…

Loch Ness

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