~ Surely one of the nicest things about putting the Christmas tree up, is the delving into the decorations box and discovering again the collection of ornaments therein. With every unearthed treasure comes more memories as you hang them on a tree. Once up, the Christmas tree is a tree of memories.

~ Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker on the stereo and the weighing out of nuts and fruit and spices and flower begins. Stir up Sunday, according to The Archers should have been two week’s ago, but this afternoon I had my own. Now the house is permeated with the delicious smell of Christmas cake slowly baking in the oven.

~ I’ve remembered why it is I haven’t made the marmalade yet this year (when was Seville orange time again? almost upon us again!). It’s not difficult to make but it is a bit fiddly and time-consuming it is to prepare with the cutting up the fruit and the separating out of the pips, and then the simmering way of a good amount of liquid. I’ve actually saved the latter of this until tomorrow.