~ Our honeymoon album arrived today. It’s only a year and a half for me to compile. Well, I started compiling it shortly before our first wedding anniversary, then my hard drive went boom and took all my work with me and it took me another six months and a sparklely new computer to get started on it again, but I finished it last week and today it arrived. It’s of the modern, book sort from blurb.com, and its brilliant – all 92 pages of it. For most of the photos is like seeing them completely afresh in crisp, clear, high resolution print. I can’t stop looking at it now.

~ I was worried that I wasn’t going to have enough when I was cutting up oranges yesterday, but my marmalade making has surpassed expectations. I now have 13lbs of the stuff sitting on the side in the kitchen. If I buy some more sugar then, with the rest of the oranges in the freezer I will be able to make the same again. Should see through in any snow-ins we get this winter! 😉