~ Emma, aka , has been spending the day with her Dad, and so I have been left home alone with a couple of projects to occupy me. The first of which was to sort out something that is more than a little connected with and her day, two days from now.

~ Spurred on by how well the honeymoon album came out I have also been working my way through the production of the ‘unofficial’ wedding album – all those official photos that were brilliant but didn’t make the cut for the ‘official’ album plus all those photographs from about twelve other different cameras. It’s now finished, all 106 pages of it and is currently uploading to blurb.com – all 220MB of it.

~ Pottered into Bicester in the late afternoon, just as it was starting to get dark, and the twinkling festive lights were starting to light up Sheep Street. The window displays aren’t quite like what I saw in Fortnum and Mason as I passed through London the other day, but I managed to pick up a few last minute things for the Christmas shopping. I think I’m just about done.

~ In the evening I took myself off to St Edburg’s Church for Bicester Concert Band‘s Christmas concert for some festive music, a mince pie and some mulled wine in the interval, and a bit of carol singing. In the usual classic style of a BCB or ACB concert, it wasn’t without hiccups. We were supposed to have song sheets but these were left ‘sitting on Malcolm’s sofa preferring instead to spend the evening watching XFactor’, so instead we had a convoluted code that translated the number in the song sheet to the number in the church hymnbook which then resulted in a cross-checking the number and order of the verses to be sung! All good fun!