We got up early (for a Saturday) today to go and play Christmas carols at Millets Farm with Abingdon Concert Band. Over breakfast the snow started coming down, finely but steadily. An hour later and there was a few centimetres and it was still coming down. The carols were called off and we were suddenly left with unexpected bonus time.

It’s a shame, I always look forward to the Christmas carols and with snow on the ground it would have been so nice, but at the same time I was fearing getting back if not getting there. Six hours later and I’m very glad we didn’t go. There’s 8½ inches of snow out there now and it didn’t stop coming down till gone 7pm!

I’ve finished making the brandy chocolate truffles though, and been for a walk with Emma in the fire, and hibernated in front of the (fake) fire. A perfect advent day… 🙂