It never ceases to amaze me that no matter where Christmas falls in the week there is are always three, and only three, days which are work days for (some/most/a lot of) people. Emma is one of those people and so it was an early breakfast for her and then jobs for me in the morning. I did snatch a leisurely shower though, before heading out to feed the animals and clean out the bunnies, and boy did the bunnies need cleaning out. They had been deep-littered for much of the snowy weather and it had worked in that they they weren’t wallowing in muck but there was muck down there underneath.

Then I headed out to buy more hay, and visit the butcher in Launton (with the Young Farmer of the Year finalist) but they were still closed for Christmas and so I went to the not-quite-so-good-but-still-proper butcher on the Bucknell Road for my neck of lamb with which to make tomorrow’s hotpot.

Arrived home and set about tidying up the dining room and giving the house a good vacumn clean and clean up the sick on the landing. I’m tired now and guzzling down water. I also see that its now raining outside. May I permitted to hibernate into the rest of the day…?