I don’t know exactly why, but I fell to thinking about board games this afternoon, and in particular, remembering the RSPB Conservation Board Game we used to play when I was young. I’ve searched for this periodically on the internet, and indeed found my copy in a box of my games last year but had thought that it was sadly complete.

This afternoon I searched again on the internet and came across a copy, identical in every way, on ebay for the rather astounding price of £45! I went up to my games draw and fetched down my copy and it does even have the rules still. A count up of the cards later and I find that the only thing I’m actually missing are 7 of the 8 counters.

I have now scanned the one remaining counter and created new versions of all eight with a little help from the image provided for on the ebay link. I now have a fully working version of the game ready for playing again once Emma gets back from a call out. 🙂