I haven’t written in these pages about the upcoming ‘Shock Ambridge to the Core’ event (hashtag #sattc on twitter) before but I have written about it extensively on Twitter in the past few days, and as the main event is just short of 2 hours away, I shall take the time to put down some of my musings over what said event might be:

  • Helen Archer is involved somehow, baby born early, she possibly dies in childbirth
  • Brook Farm or Brook Farm residents involved: I think David will be involved in this, injured somehow but not killed – Josh I think might be a protagonist/instigator in this as he has friendship with Jamie and they have been somewhat wayward of late
  • Lower Locksley will feature, but I think the ‘big party’ is a red-herring – will feature in the second half of the episode though (the new year’s day part)
  • The Bull. Something happens here – it has to. Friday’s episode finished on New Year’s Eve before everyone was meeting up there, therefore first part of episode will be centred around New Year’s Eve and midnight – could be a fire at The Bull?
  • Peggy Woolley’s recent contact with Con – this could be part of it. Is he the father of an until now, Archer?
  • Interesting rumours going around about Harry the Milkman: not sure about these. It would be fun if he was the illegimate son of Sid Perk’s but I’m not sure. Red herring?
  • The Radio Times indicates that next week, Brian has to rethink his plans? His current plans are to do with the new cattle market, which Lillian an Matt are involved in, so if Matt’s brother was to make a return… Not sure about this either.
  • Will Grundy going on some shooting spree? Whilst it would SATTC recent events haven’t been leading this way. Nothing much seemed to get him at Christmas despite having to share it with his brother so where’s his (current) motivation?

I really don’t think it will be anything as straight forward as a death, after all Vanessa Whitburn is reported as having said “It will still be affecting Ambridge in 10 years’ time”

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