• 10:44 RT: @r4today: Liking #TheArchers is “a bit like having a third nipple” says @DAaronovitch bbc.in/huRuYu #sattc #
  • 12:12 I think the biggest cop-out of this episode was that both Helen and Henry are both absolutely fine. Surely, given the… j.mp/ePqQ6h #
  • 13:43 is receiving reports of snow falling. Nothing like starting the new working year just like the old one ended! #uksnow #
  • 14:58 is off to see @creationtheatre’s Repunzal with @EmmaEShepherd, Lucy, and Luke a week on Friday. Yeah! #
  • 16:42 has just had a short but nice but cold walk down by the canal with @EmmaEShepherd… #bleakmidwinter #
  • 19:59 : Now I’ve watched Toast, I love Nigel Slater even more. I want to give him a little hug every time he comes on screen via @Brucey1 #
  • 22:00 thinks that, with reluctance, it must be bedtime. Why do holidays have to end? #endofholidays #

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