My novel has been sitting on my conscience although the Christmas period. I’ve been a bit stuck you see, because I got to the point where Kathryn had already made a choice to ask Beth about Louis but in my notes I’ve got this brilliant scene where she challenges Louis which should really come first but that doesn’t really fit any more. This has been bothering me, and thus has been putting me off from my writing.

In the last couple of days I have found a way past this and I’m off again…

“Louis existed and Sarah existed but Sarah had no father and Louis had no child. She stared at the address on each scrap ofpaper; the same address. She was no further on with her investigations. If anything she was more hopelessly confused than ever … She felt rough; not through drink but through asleep that had been much disturbed by restless, over-active thoughts.”

38151 / 80000 words. 48% done!