I have a reached the point in Part Two of Mr Tumnal where Kathryn is finding out more about Louis. Bothered by his alleged double life she has been doing some digging only to reveal more questions than she asked for. She’s about to challenge Louis about his ‘wife’ and his world is going to come crashing down around him. This is brilliant news for me because it enables me to have him retreat into his other life with his imaginary securities and to have that side of him once more.

When I talk with about developments and the likability (or not) and the sympatheticness of Louis’ character, what I find most encouraging is the way Jane talks about it. She talks about and anaylses my novel with the same thought and enthusiasm and with the same terminology as she talks about Fire & Hemlock, Battlestar Galactica or the West Wing and makes essays of the discussion that make me feel that there really must be something there worth writing about.

So, so, encouraging… 🙂