I have just written quite a hard scene; an important one. It’s been brewing and building for a while now, when Kathryn finally finds out about Louis’ infidelity, and Louis finds it impossible to explain to her that it really isn’t what she thinks. How do you explain to the girl you love, that there is no wife and child, when in your head there has been a wife and child for the last 10 years – and a partner/girlfriend for 10 years more than that? You might not actually be cheating on anyone, there might not actually be a wronged party, but if to explain it means explaining a whole other life, could anyone do that in the heat of confrontation?

I hope the scene works. I hope its not too melodramatic, and I hope it makes sense and confuses in the right places. It will definitely need reworking, but it is a pretty major milestone that I have now reached.

39403 / 80000 words. 49% done!

And onwards to the fair scene, and another set piece… 🙂