I wrote yesterday how the spelling and grammar challenged among us can use facebook and twitter to our advantage! Today I called upon my fellow tweeters and facebookers in the course of research. I have a scene coming up in my novel where Kathryn feels the wrath of an Amanda estranged from Lewis. So thus, a quick question: imagine the scenario – a production editor and their manager/editorial person. If the manager is having a bad day, what tiny, little, insignificant error or *non-problem* could cause the manager to completely lose it?

I got back a good selection of options…

Losing a day’s worth of data because of a comnputer glitch, even if the data are recoverable.

Hell, if things are bad enough, coming to the office with a cold could do it.

Being half an hour late when there’s a major deadline looming. Any of these any good?

Having accidentally put the wrong designer name in the field on our production schedule. I am worried WW3 might kick off between me and our production manager any moment (although she is not actually my manager) and I am pretty sure my MD made the mistake, not me!

Falling behind schedule by a day, even if there’s a five day tolerance and it was because you were waiting for an author to correct crucial scientific which he said he’d do, and has actually now done as promised.

I find myself loving the use of Twitter/Facebook for putting out odd questions or checking matters of research in the process of writing a novel. I wonder what kind of use Dickens, Tolstoy or Shakespeare would have made of it if it had been available to them?