Thursday evening was the perfect example of that strange phenomenon whereby one’s best creative ideas occur to one, at the most inconvenient of times. Umm, like driving… Such as it was for me today, driving home – in some quite hideously wild and wet weather – that my poor little brain was teeming with ideas for how I would end part two, and how part three was going to go.

I now know how the fair scene works, and of how this brings part two a dramatic end. I also know how part three is going to work. it’s entitled Cold Winter and centres much more around Kathryn, and Kathryn and Sarah, opening as it does at Christmas, and with Kathryn given time to work things work things out and research around some of the themes of the story. She gets given The English Book of Ballads which she devours enthusiastically until she reads things in it that bring to mind themes that she has seen in her own, and Louis’ life.

A news report on the television prompts Kathryn’s mother to round with ill-informed prejudice on Aspergers Syndrome, and with Kathryn defending people with the condition, she realises more about Louis. However back in Wren Hoe, Louis is gone, and his house is boarded up and for sale. Kathryn investigates and eventually talks with Sarah. She learns that Louis is staying in the big house with Miss Leroy, where the family are gathering for a big party, and Kathryn knows that she must get Louis out of there…

I’m also piling on the literary and pop-culture references. I love the idea that someone reading this story will be able to set out searching for and finding the source material, either real or fictitious, and to this end I’m going to have Kathryn remember a book that she owns, Essays and Short Stories by J. Rawson, a librarian from the University of Wren Hoe. I think its going to work.

41013 / 80000 words. 51% done!