Sunday, was undeniably wild, wet and windy. Emma and I did manage a nice walk out across the fields at the end of Launton Road (probably our closest bit of ‘country’), but other than that it really was a day for snuggling down inside. I’ve written loads recently, and this story is really coming along now. I’m scared of saying it, in case this jinxes it but the story is still going where I want it to. Usually I reach this point in the story and end up treading water, knowing what the end is, and knowing that there is some way to go before I can get there but missing the whole next act of the story. With Mr Tumnal I move from scene to scene, and main event to main event and each time it just all fits into place – the next bit.

Long may this continue. I have good feelings about this story, even if for a while there on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row I did think that Neil Jordan might have stolen my thunder. He hasn’t. 🙂

42142 / 80000 words. 53% done!