Across last weekend and the early part of this week the words were pouring out of my pen onto the page and my novel was making swift progress. More down being busy with other things than anything else, but in the last few days that flow has slowed down. That said, I have started the final chapter of Part Two (Autumn Leaves), and have a written a stonker of a scene that will be familiar to anyone who has ever been taken to task by their boss for a complete non-problem.

I am now all setup for a trip to the fair, an annual event – Oxford’s St Giles fair if by any other name – that takes place in my fictional university town of Wren Hoe. I am wondering whether I should have the fair cross the tram lines or if the rides should work around them? Hrmm… decisions, decisions… I’m going to have fun writing this chapter.

43254 / 80000 words. 54% done!