When we woke today to cold and grey and general mizzle, the idea of going for a day out to the Facebook group meetup at WWT London for a show’n’tell of nature photography. We had pictures from as far away as Brazil and Costa Rica, and as nearby as lizzards on the fences around the centre in which we were sat. Some great example of photography, and a great demonstration that its not all about how expensive your kit or how big your zoom is but its about getting to know your subject and using it creatively.

Afterwards we had some lunch and went for a walk. It ended up being quite a bright day with some nice sunny intervals although it was bitterly cold with a raw wind. We did get to see a Bittern though – our first – playing hide’n’seek in the reedbeds. We did see it first through our own binoculars but a nice man with a telescope let us see a clearer picture and I focused my camera down the lens and got a not-terrible picture. I’m quite pleased anyway! A very satisfying day! 🙂