Found on an old VHS tape, my honours project video from 1993. It’s a curious piece – got good marks though and was viewed by a capacity crowd! Featuring Sophie Bradbury, Soula Carmichael, Thomas Shepherd and the music of Ian Shepherd.

Jennifer Ash (Sophie Bradbury) is a talented writer of many successful childrens’ dramas, most notably for ‘Children’s Storybook on Channel 360’. As we join the story Jennifer is recovering from a breakdown, and, to help her recovery her lover, Peter Childs (Steve Wilson) introduces her to the fantastic and awe-inspiring world of the recently murdered Hol E. Wood. Jennifer’s growing fascination with Hol (Thomas Shepherd) leads her to go in search of the truth behind his remarkable power. In pursuing this interest Jennifer comes to meet and make friends with the idiosyncratic landlady, Mrs Chubbs (Barbara Roberts).

…and if you don’t blieve me about it being watched by a capacity crowd, here is previously unseen footage of the live footage of the world premier of my Live Arts Honours Project video, Nov/Dec 1993.