• 00:16:46: could’ve carried on #writing then for a lot longer than I did. Damn school night bedtimes!
  • 07:44:14: : can there be any simpler pleasure than putting a freshly laid, still warm, egg to your cheek in the morning?
  • 11:39:02: RT @SimonsCat: Tabbies are red, Persians are blue, my bowl is empty, I’m waiting for you!
  • 16:00:23: wonders what would really make a Big Society? A definition for a Big Society… What’s going on in Egypt. \via @krishgm @vivianbroughton
  • 19:24:26: has found the video of my 2nd year Visual Arts show; the archivist in me is very happy… #visualarts #alsager #archives
  • 20:45:34: is watching The Beauty of Books on BBC4; p0rn for the librarian and the bookophile… 😉 #books
  • 22:32:59: is letting you unpick the literary references… http://shepline.livejournal.com/842569.html #writing #MrTumnal #progress #literature

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