• 14:24 Carrot tops! They are not just for bunnies… fb.me/15fQbDxSt \via @AlysFowler @PermacultureMag #
  • 17:59 didn’t do any lay-by writing today, but did indulge in a couple of sentences of #driveway #writing before coming in… #
  • 20:18 has just eaten delicious syn-free spaghetti bolognaise and is now writing in the garden… #perfectsummerevening #
  • 21:36 In a civil ceremony, what is the name for chairs/table where the bride, groom and registrar are? #twitterasanswerforquestions #
  • 22:04 has written another 3½ pages this evening. The thing is, I’m sure every 2 pages I write, the overall extend of the book gets 1 page longer #
  • 22:11 remembers tonight, I’m not sure why, something that someone once told me: keep smiling and making jam. 🙂 I like that. #

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