• 23:06 : like with Polly im Fire & Hemlock, but with no sets of memories imstead of two… t.co/iWNuLyp #Kindle #
  • 10:44 I do think its important to save/restore #RoaldDahl’s shed but honestly, surely the estate/family good find the money? t.co/N8fjsQV #
  • 15:26 : a lot of fuss today about Roald Dahl’s shed. Here it is, remembered by illustrator Quentin Blake. t.co/eDOiPPD \via @GuardianBooks #
  • 19:33 : another weigh-in later, and another 1lb lost. Slow and steady, gently as she goes… 😉 #
  • 20:42 has known @EmmaEShepherd for 4½ years and only now do I find out that she had a lobster called Bob. The things you suddenly find out! #

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