Seeing Nellie playing under the Christmas tree skirt last night was reminiscent of 18 years ago and Bramble as a kitten playing under the Christmas tree. I found this footage recently on an old VHS tape from Christmas 1993.

We never had a video camera as a family, but just occasionally there exists a bit of footage. For the most part its the kind of thing that is impossible to watch at the time of recording but years later, when you’ve forgotten it exists its nice to discover them again, particularly when you get to see your grandparent’s again, and sufficient time has passed that the feelings of horror of how thin one was then, or the amount of hair one had, are not quite so horrific.

It’s fun to see things again the traditions that have built up and lasted over the years, and which one’s you have taken with you into your new life with your partner, and which one’s you have lost, or which one’s you didn’t have to lose because they are (coincidentally) the same. One of the big one’s from my family is that the Christmas cake is cut on Christmas Eve with an ‘extra’ present ‘from the tree’ to start the festive season off.

What Christmas traditions do you have?

(includes the classic response from my Mum, when I tell her and my Dad that they said there was no way I would get that for Christmas, “When I have ever told the truth about Christmas?”)