I find myself under the impression that our knobhead of a Prime Minister has done just about the most prattish thing he has ever done. Regardless of the the rights and wrongs of the situation Cameron really does seem to have spectacularly missed the point. I do believe him though, when he says, “I could not put this to my government”. Too right you couldn’t! Because you know what a can of worms that would open up.

The truth is we don’t really know what the butthead really thinks about Europe, because he’s too afraid of the argument that that would provoke amongst his backbenchers. What annoys me is not that we might now be out on our own or not when it comes to EU decisions, but that the decision has been taken by one man (yes, he has advisers, but apparently John Major only had the advice that he did have in a similar situation because he smuggled an adviser under the table cloth), and that His decision has nothing to do with the rights and wrongs of the situation in question but everything to do with his own party loyalty and his future as leader of that party.