~ I have finished my present wrapping – well, with the exception of the yet to arrive amazon delivery. Ggrrr, its frustrating. I pay for Amazon Prime which gives me free next day delivery on all eligible items (or everything sold by amazon itself), and ordered my last present on Sunday. It was dispatched on Monday with delivery scheduled for yesterday. When it didn’t arrive I went to track the order because all prime deliveries come with tracking to see that there was no tracking because it had gone out by standard Royal Mail. What the?!? So I contacted amazon by email and they responded very quickly and offered me £3 by way of compensation and dispatched a new copy of the thing but this one is still going out by First Class. Who knows when I will receive one or other or both or neither parcels…?

~ Emma’s best friend Caroline came to visit for lunch and pressies with her children on their way back up to Yorkshire. Arthur, in particular, did a good job of flying the feline flag and entertaining the children.

~ This afternoon I have been mixing up chocolate truffle mixture and baking mince pies whilst catching up on the last four days of The Archers