Have just watched the BBC’s new adaption of The Borrowers. I came to this film with caution after, loving, possibly too much, the 1992/93 BBC series with Ian Holm, Penelope Wilton and Rebecca Callard, and maybe I was right to. Maybe my caution meant that I enjoyed it all the more. The story has been updated, and their are staggeringly more Borrowers in evidence, but the changes did work. The production values were high, and the details were carefully done, with them wearing using zips in their clothing and fairy lights to light the cavernous hallways to clever effect. Stephen Fry was mischievously sinister and perfect for his role (and not just a famous name to draw in the crowds).

I think the TV series, for its faithfulness to the books will always live on (I have them on dvd), but this has a charming magic about it which I think I could watch again and again without getting bored. Perfect Boxing Day entertainment! 🙂