I had thought that it would be a bloomin’ miracle if I didn’t get the lurgy that Emma has been suffering from, and yesterday it hit me. I had been feeling a bit cold earlier in the day, and then around 6.30pm felt a wee bit queasy, so headed upstairs to get the potty to clutch and went to sit on the loo for a bit. The next I knew and I was on the floor and jammed into the gap between the toilet and the wall, unable to move and with a dream playing out in my head that I was driving down a road, knowing I was going to faint, unable to move or stop and certain I was going to die. By this this point I was already coming round from fainting with Emma’s face somewhere in the far off distance.

Emma got me to lie on the bed for ab it, but then when I felt sicky again I sat up with the potty under me ready, and fainted again. The first time I fainted I bruised my jaw and cut my lip, and the second time I grazed the top of my head on the bedside cabinet.

It wasn’t till much later and I was trying to drink the rehydration salts Emma had brought me that I finally vomited up the little food I had had today, and I have to say I did feel much better for having done so. I’m just hoping that I can shift this thing in 14 hours and move on. Lurgys are exhausting!