~ This morning was dark; very dark. It always surprises me how dark January days are – darker even than the ever-decreasingly short ones of late December – something to do with the Earth’s shift and later sunrise times and still quite early sunset times. It was also very, very wild. I opened the catflap and it blue open to stay horizontal for several long seconds.

~ Whilst having my breakfast I heard on the news how the AA were forecasting today to me one of their highest for callouts, and thought that was interesting. Then went out to my car, turned the key in the ignition… and nothing. Again. Nothing. I headed back indoors and phoned the AA for assistance and resigned myself to working from home due to not having this resolved in a sensible time. I was surprised when within about fifteen minutes and just after I had logged into my work computer and started looking through emails, the AA man turned up. It turned out that I was his first job and he lived literally just around the corner by the local shops!! How very convenient! I did take the precaution of phoning the front gate at work to find out the state of the car park but then set off into the wild and wintry day.

~ The downside to having a new battery fitted is that the radio locked itself and I didn’t think to find the reset code before I left, so I had to make my own amusement for the daily commute both ways and chat to myself instead of switching variously between Jack FM, Radio 4, Classic FM and the iPod…

~ Started reading PD James’ new book, Death Comes to Pemberley last night. Have only read the prologue but its brilliant so far.

~ Tonight Emma and I watched last night’s Endeavour. I have to say I like it, and can well imagine them making a series out of it, although I hope, if they do, an occasional series along the lines of Sherlock or Lewis. Beautifully filmed, if with the same warped Oxford-geography of Lewis, the story felt like a Morse episode of old, and the music, both Barrington Pheloung’s and the Mozart gave poignant reminders of what we know is to come.